I shall go now,
Off, beyond the rain,
As far away as a vow;
The magnitude of space
Shall know me
As an ocean
Knows a grain of sand.

And you are the ocean
I am lost in,
Subsumed yet ejected;

More grains than
Cosmos’ stars.
Unthinkable stars,
With all your gianthood.

I shall go,
Randomly afar,
Like Serrano artefacts entombed
Under ancient desert dunes;
One grain there – I,
Now far from sea
And from memory,
Yet still the I,
The I that you created,
Bleached and parched
But still awash
With the echo
Of your thundering waves.

I shall go.
Into the sands
Of our destiny.

I call the sorcery
Of sound
Towards all illogic,
That resonance
May restore
The rift
Continuity of


I shall go
Come too.

I see that you
Have already departed.

I see

How it shall be

With you,
AND the Sand.

Blown and scattered
Through time
Before and after
The unity
That bevels
For us,
Right now,
As you traverse
The only road
Which leads
Away and towards
The ultimate truth.

I see you.

I see you coming.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2017

Your Destiny’s Unclothing

Bring your words and let me carve
From all mankind’s potential
A poem such that none may starve,
A song to life most reverential.

Send your tears to the precipice
That I may extract the pain
Of loss and sorrow’s bleak abyss
And pour upon you love’s purest rain.

Unfold your most precious soul
Away from fear and loathing
That I may lift you and cajole
You to your destiny’s unclothing.

Release your grief unto the air,
Tended gently by the thermals,
Feel joy’s truth expunge despair,
Washed clean by light eternal.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2017

Magic Show

I can see how flagrant shows of magic
Could delve deep holes in faith,
If only it weren’t so tragic
That you know not what you crave.
I cannot see you now, images unloaded,
Nor shall I waste mind’s eye,
For with such indecency you once goaded
Me into a pure love you now deny.
So hide away, why not, in plainest view,
Continue on in vain with vanity,
And I’ll rejoice the one I once knew
Before this blind insanity.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2017


Such beauty as that was unknown to men,
Fluttering in on radiant wings,
Mesmeric entrancement, Relent!
Relent, desist! weak creature sings –
Such beauty. Reveal please, your hidden beast,
I plead, for nought can be so divine,
Nothing can merit such a glorious feast
Of the soul without some errant sign
Of a deeper reality hidden beneath;
A sting, a poison, a disastrous turn,
What cataclysm is it you will bequeath,
Creature magnificent, which hell will burn?
As your price of homage and regalia,
Your demon-eyed hunger is closing in,
I see your sumptuous, seditious paraphernalia
Of sacrificial slaughter, devouring sin
Like lifeblood, like water.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2016

Dimming Venus and Waning Moon

The future lives in every breath,
As inhalation fades to the past,
The exhalation a dance with death,
For nothing tangible’s meant to last,
How love and emptiness seem to swim
In the tandem twine of vicious fight,
Forever threatening to quash the light,
And when you lose the epic tussle,
The heart feels truth in failing muscle,
Trembling and straining against the grain
Of loss’s trauma and fatal wounds,
Dimming Venus and the waning moon
Darkening the night with the greatest pain
Known to man, the tragedy of grief,
Salvation fading in disbelief.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2017